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The company primarily provides services within technical consultancy within structural and infrastructure design. The specialist competence is based on geotechnical engineering and other services related to the business sector. Furthermore, MEC provides investment counseling between different markets. Our success lays within knowing what we and our selected partners are capable of delivering.

MEC’s starting point and base is Sweden but we have the ambition to be represented locally on the international market in the future.

We can offer turn key solutions for our clients, enabling multidisciplinary projects with in house competence combined with resources from selected partners and service providers.

Service areas

  • Traditional engineering consultancy and planning
    Traditional engineering consultancy and planning within the construction and infrastructure sectors.
  • Contract negotiation consultancy
    Counseling at contract negotiations with clients or providers within Sweden or other countries.
  • Project management
    We can lead and manage projects on behalf of our customers within Sweden or for foreign clients or suppliers.
  • Neutral party
    We can act as a neutral party in technical and economic disagreements between different stakeholders in a project.
  • Legal advice
    Counseling in legal disputes.
  • Rental of personnel
    For project-based employment, both short- and long-term, we enhance our clients’ processes by locating the correct competence and assigning resources on a project basis without our client having to commit to employing staff.
  • Local advisor
    Through our international network, we can act as local advisors for Swedish clients who wish to enter the international market but are reluctant to do so due to insecurities concerning national legal legislations, standards, contractual forms, and business culture. This service enables a bigger market outside the safe, well-known domestic domain. This offer applies to all businesses and not only specifically to the construction and infrastructure market.

Specialist areas

  • Geotechnology
  • Project Management
  • Water and Sewage Design
  • Environmental Counseling
  • Traffic Planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Road and Highway Design
  • Arkitecture & Landscape Arcitecture

We do not believe in a standard product

Our offer is based on focusing on analyzing and evaluating our clients mind, priorities and needs for optimizing the purpose of the project delivery. Identifying these factors requires a wide range of selectable resources to man the project group for optimizing the performance and objectives from the clients perspective.

Our specialty lies within coordinating projects and different parties and stakeholders from different nationalities. We adapt our organization for each and every project to optimize every interface with the client and other parties according to their needs and preferences.

National or other cultural differences are dealt with by MEC to enable clear and rational communication between different parties from different business cultures.

We see ourselves as a catalyst for our clients in order to manage projects and expand businesses internationally.

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