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MEC is a technical consultancy firm with a main focus on the construction, property and infrastructure markets. We provide technical and financial counselling, project management as well as design management.

We manage early stages such as technical due diligence concerning environmental and geotechnical aspects.

We follow our customers throughout the project process from feasibility study to as built drawings.

We have a good track record for supporting with advise and counseling at financial and technical disagreements between different project stakeholders.

Our main focus lays within analyzing our clients goals and purpose to deliver tailored services for each project.


We feed on technical and cultural understanding.

Large or small projects, it does not matter. The complexity varies regardless of project size.

We believe in delivering the correct technical knowledge rather than delivering the most.

We erase boundaries between different local markets with different cultures. We manage investment deals between these cultures to enable our clients to focus on their core business.

We are the catalyst for our clients businesses. We simply enable this by delivering local knowledge and services for an international market.


The idea for MEC was born in 1998 when MEC’s founder, Nicholas Lusack, studied his first year of Civil Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Foreign students were present but isolated from Swedish students since Swedish students studied within a separate Swedish Masters module. 

Because of this division between foreign and Swedish students the Master students from other countries gained none or very little contact with Sweden and its natives. As a consequence of this a majority of the graduated students from the international Master’s program relocated to other countries to start contributing with their newly found knowledge and setting of their careers.

MEC’s business idea was based on capturing this flow of lost competence for Sweden. The idea for the company was presented as a case study at the opening ceremony for the incubator Drivhuset at Chalmers in the spring of 1998.

It would take another 20 years before this business idea would finally set of as a real business but in February 2018 the MEC got registered as a Ltd company in Sweden.



The company primarily provides services within technical consultancy within structural and infrastructure design. The specialist competence is based on geotechnical engineering and other services related to the business sector. Furthermore, MEC provides investment counseling between different markets. Our success lays within knowing what we and our selected partners are capable of delivering.

MEC’s starting point and base is Sweden but we have the ambition to be represented locally on the international market in the future.

We can offer turn key solutions for our clients, enabling multidisciplinary projects with in house competence combined with resources from selected partners and service providers.


Our offer is based on focusing on analyzing and evaluating our clients mind, priorities and needs for optimizing the purpose of the project delivery. Identifying these factors requires a wide range of selectable resources to man the project group for optimizing the performance and objectives from the clients perspective.

Our specialty lies within coordinating projects and different parties and stakeholders from different nationalities. We adapt our organization for each and every project to optimize every interface with the client and other parties according to their needs and preferences.

National or other cultural differences are dealt with by MEC to enable clear and rational communication between different parties from different business cultures.

We see ourselves as a catalyst for our clients in order to manage projects and expand businesses internationally.

Typical services that we offer is presently:

  • Engineering and design within the construction and infrastructure sectors.

  • We provide counselling at contract negotiations with clients or providers within Sweden or between Sweden and other countries.

  • We Project Manage assignments for our customers within Sweden for foreign clients or suppliers.

  • As a neutral speaking part we can assist at disagreements, including legal matters, between different stakeholders in a project.

  • For project based employment we enhance our clients processes by locating the correct competence and assign resources on a project basis without our client committing to employing staff.

  • Through our international network we offer ourselves as local advisors for Swedish clients who wish to enter the international market but are reluctant to do so due to insecurities concerning national legal legislations, standards, contractual forms and business culture. This is a service to enable a bigger market outside the safe well known domestic domain. This offer applies to all businesses and not only specifically for the construction and infrastructure market.


  • Geotechnology

  • Project Management

  • Water and Sewage Design

  • Environmental Counseling

  • Traffic Planning

  • Structural Engineering

  • Road and Highway Design

  • Arkitecture & Landscape Arcitecture


We do not like to shape people, people define MEC. We simply use you as a starting point and develop opportunities around you and your natural competences, personality and your own ambitions.

Are you interested in working at MEC? May we suggest that you read through the information about us on our homepage. Do you identify yourself with our values and services in a way that would make you develop professionally and in a positive manner? Then you are MEC. We would like to meet you and see how MEC can help you to realize our vision and business idea with your unique personality. We simply call it ME Consulting – It’s all about you.

Does this sound like your future lifestyle? Please feel free to contact Nicholas Lusack by mail

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

With Kind Regards,

Nicholas Lusack